ISO Quality Standards accredited Member Companies

This page highlights the quality of the precision parts produced by member companies.

Most of the PTMA member companies’ quality is accredited by outside quality agencies, principally the International Standards Organisation (ISO). The following is a list of those companies that have been accredited by the ISO together with details of the accreditation. Further details of the quality of the parts produced can be accessed by clicking on the member company’s name below, which will bring up the relevant company’s corresponding quality webpage. This page will then give more detailed information on the quality of its products.

Click on the Company’s Name below to access more information on the Company’s Website

Total Precision, Co. Waterford

ISO 9001:2008

Shivo Group

ISO 9000: 2008
ISO 13485
AS 9100 (Waterford)
AS 9100 (UK)

Panalok Limited

ISO 9001: 2008

ISO/AS 9100